Do it yourself pottery

Many types of craftwork and handwork have been passed down through generation in various parts of the world. These range from knitting to woodwork and so forth. It is a vast range of work included. The tips and techniques are taught to the younger generations. It is their responsibility to carry it on to the future along with the correct tools. Tools used for different craftwork has improved vastly with the evolving technology. However the base still stands firm.

One such craft is pottery. This has a special tool in which the clay is put in to get the shape of the pot you want. It can be operated by hand. There were no electricity in the ancient era in which this was introduced. Hence it required you to operate it using your own hands. This is an extremely cost efficient act which requires only manpower. The raw material used is clay which is mixed with water. It requires a lot of effort from the person doing it. It can be tiresome to some who are not used to it.

This has become a way of living in some communities in various parts of the world. It is a lovely sight to see people working on lovely pots. You also can take part in this great deed. You have the option to learn how to use the pottery wheel and create your own end products in the shapes and sizes you prefer. If you are not up to that kind of hard work, you have the option of designing these in various colors and patterns.

There are special types of paints used on these as they should go along with the clay. You can create any design you like with any color you want. These could also be decorated with glitter and stones, bringing out a glamour in it. It can be painted with dull matte colors or glossy ones of your choice. Some like to paint conventional pictures on these such as flowers, fruits, leaves etc. while others like to go wild and paint faces representing different tribes on these.

The end product from this craft is a lovely pot or vase which you could display in your living room. You can proudly present it to your friends and family. They will also want to know how you manages such a lovely piece of artwork. Teach them this art and spread the word amongst people. It is a lovely thing to do if you have the time and skills for it.

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