How to become a colour consultant

When building your new home or refurbishing, the final touches would be the colour. The shade is the identity that is given visually and brings character to your home. There are colour consultants who are available with a deeper understanding about the rich tones of each colour and how it will visually and thereafter psychologically impacting the houseowners. Using colour schemes that have been designed to trigger many emotions of the people living can bring about a vision of art.


Colour consultants are basically interior designers whose one focus is on making sure that the colours blend in with all the designs of the architects and designers. They are able to decide which colours suits each room and how it can bring out the character of the entire house.  Many of the consultants are self-employed. If you prefer to be working for a large scale company, then you can always pursue and develop a few things to become a successful colour consultant.

The skills

Your inner strength should be your eye for all shades and how much you pay attention to the colours you come across. You also need to have the skill for drawing. When your client speaks to you about their dream colour scheme you should be able to create that image inside your head. As you will be working for a Singapore painting services company, you need to have the skill and experience both to represent your company by drawing out a rough sketch to your client then and there. You have to work with both interior designers and the construction team to ensure that the entire team can work together in order to achieve a common goal.



There is an international colour consultant qualification that you get in order to ensure understand the basic theories, psychology and how to market the colours. It takes only a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.


Joining a competition

You will find employment at interior designing organisations, design studios or colour consulting organisations. Once you gain experience in the industry you will be able to use the contacts you made and network your way around and get to your dream firm. You need to make sure that your commercial and communications skills should be developed well once you are in the industry.

Based on these few tips, you can now start working towards your career of colour consulting. Always remember to listen to your clients and make suggestions but never force them into something you prefer.



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