Just a matter of toothpicks

Arts and crafts are a way of spending your free time in joy. There is always something nice to this subject. Even as a subject in school it is something children love to go for unlike more academic subjects such as Mathematic, English and History. What is the specialty in this? It is because it relaxes the mind of the child and lets her bring out the creativity inside. It is also a very light topic which can be taken anytime of the day. That is why Arts is mostly kept during a stressed out time in your timetable.

We all love to go to the art room. It is a place of fun. We like to paint, meddle around with crayons or clay and have a good time. There are many things you can do with this other than just painting pictures. A lot of media could be sued to create many unique results. One such unique craft we are going to talk about is craftwork done using toothpicks. Toothpicks are easy to get and available almost anytime. It is also not costly and not something your parents are going to scream at you for. So you can collect some of it on your own or get it from your house and invite your friends over to have some fun with it. Many shapes, designs and creative outcomes could be made out of these little sticks.

You can paste these together using glue. A superglue form which sticks well together is most suited, as you do not want your newly made structure to fall off. Almost anything could be made out of this material. You can make a pen holder and keep it on your study table. You can make a house, ship, boat or castle and gift it to your sibling or friend. These end products could painted in lovely colors to match the theme or left as it is. Either way is beautiful.

If you are talented enough and have mastered this art, you can even try out making monuments and iconic structures such as The Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The White House etc. there is so much you can do if you know this art well. All these end products could be showcased in an exhibition or talent show. Your talent may take you to unknown heights which could be extremely beneficial for you. So don’t just hide this skill you have. Come out of your shell and show the whole world what you can do with just a bunch of toothpicks.


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