Stringing up together with love

Children love to play. It may be inside the house or outside. Playing does not always mean physical activities such as running, cycling etc. It can also be some activity they indulge themselves in. many children love to do different art and craftwork for which parents should encourage them. This is a talent many kids have but which does not come out of them if not encouraged to do so. Hence we should make our kids think out of the box and do what they like. It is okay if your floors and wall get messy. This is what should happen. Their young minds are fresh with new and creative ideas. So let them feel free without limiting them.

Kids, especially girls, love beads. They like to collect them in different colors. They do make a lovely sight for the eyes. These lovely little balls come in pretty colors such as pink, purple, green, yellow, blue etc. they also come in many shapes and sizes. Now these have evolved from the conventional round bead to stars, diamonds etc. More new and creative shapes are being introduced. These are also available as matte and glossy forms.

Beads can be used to create many things. You can join these together in a string to create chains, bracelets, rings, hairbands etc. You can make these using one shape or use different shapes to create designs.

Schools should encourage these kind of activities in children to bring out their unfound talents. They can organize exhibitions which showcase their creative items and bring along parents, teachers, students and guests to appreciate their work. This makes the child feel encouraged to do more and become skilled in it. You are building the future talent through them. They need to be appreciated for this.

The current trend among little boys and girls are the concept of loom bands. These lovely little rubber bands come in many colors. These can be joined together to make the above items too. They cone in singular colored form or multi colored form. You also get shapes such as hearts, stars and others along with a pack of loom bands. Girls love to especially make these bands for themselves, their friends and family. They love to wear these too. You also can buy a pack of these pretty strings for your child and watch her come up with some great items for her collection. It is a great way for them to spend their free time while learning a lot in the process.

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