What is the Purpose of Signage for Your Business?

Signs and symbols are an essential part of life and we are all subjected to some form of signage whether we are aware or not. It is any kind of graphical display that conveys useful information to the target audience. Whether you drive down the street, pop into a supermarket, walk into a hospital or shop at a retail store, you will be confronted with several different signs. These will be used to raise safety awareness, direct, promote, or provide key information as identified below.  


A Great Advertising and Marketing Tool

Signage is used widely to communicate a message to the target audience. Whether it is used for indoor or outdoor advertising the objective is the same. A high-quality vinyl banner used for outdoor advertising can make a huge impact for a business as it is mostly used to promote the company logo at outdoor events, special promotions or public relation campaigns. With the advancement in technology, companies are now moving on to digital signage solutions as they are versatile and interactive as opposed to traditional signs.

Administering and Guiding Traffic

Another major purpose of signage is to provide directions and is seen almost everywhere. Vast locations and public spaces such as shopping malls, hospitals and event venues require directional signage to guide individuals. It is also an essential part of large outdoor events such as music festivals and sporting events where there are multiple entrances and buildings.

Creating Awareness and Enticing Customers

Effective signage used both inside and outside shops can drive up footfall and bring in business. Creative window displays play a huge role in attracting window shoppers and curious shopaholics to venture inside the store. If it is a new store on the block or street, handing out double sided posters which contain useful information about the product or service can also increase traffic.


Effective Safety Awareness Mechanism

Signage used for traffic control, road signs, speed limits, construction sites and hospitals plays a major role in signalling crucial safety and precautionary information to individuals. It serves as quite a useful tool for businesses to communicate essential information to ensure safety of its customers. This could primarily be to indicate things like slippery floors, fire exits, cleaning in progress and so on.  


Sense of Recognition

A key purpose of signage is to help people recognize brands, companies and places. For a business, this means designing an exceptional sign consisting of company name or logo that has great visibility from all possible viewpoints, large enough to be read from a distant and most importantly, is memorable enough to remember.  


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